biodat22程国荣先生 Mr. Ching Kwock Wing



在加盟立达咨询之前,程国荣在公共机关及私营企业积累了三十余年的工作经验. 先在新加坡公共部门服务九年, 担任国防通讯, 电视广播等多项国家基础建设的策划, 设计, 和落实工程. 晋升为贸易工业部贸易局助理局长后, 负责国际贸易谈判及东协区域合作统筹. 接着转入企业界, 在信息产业行业的企业策划, 产品规划, 行销策略, 市场开发以及客户关系管理方面拥有二十余年丰厚的经验及独特的心得.

程国荣历任多家跨国企业亚太地区要职. 先后为荷兰Philips, 日本NEC, 美国DSC 通信(今美国Alcatel)等跨国公司开拓了韩国, 日本, 大中华地区, 东南亚乃至澳大利亚地区的市场. 其间在欧洲, 日本, 韩国及北美地区现地驻在多年, 不单精通汉语, 英语, 日语, 韩语, 也熟悉东亚各国历史文化及风土民情.

程国荣在公共机关及私营企业界服务期间也主导了无数的内部管理技能培训, 以及内部管理改革作业. 特别对于不同文化的公司治理,商务谈判,经营管理,组织行为的理念和实践方面进行了深入的研究, 并且着手著作. 英语新作东亚公司治理理念与实践一书将于2006年中出版. 汉语版也正在计划之中.

程国荣是新加坡国立大学工业工程硕士, 澳洲新南威尔斯大学荣誉工程学士, 也是英共和联邦哥伦坡计划奖学金得主.

Ching Kwock Wing is Director and Principal Consultant of AP Delta Consulting Pte Ltd.

Prior to setting up AP Delta Consulting, he had over 30 years of experiences in both the public and private sectors. He began his professional career first with the public sector and served 9 years in the Singapore civil service. As an engineer initially, he planned and implemented construction projects for the defense and television broadcast infrastructure. He later became an administrator in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, formulating national policies for regional as well as global trade issues. Thereafter, he continued his professional career in the private sector, and accumulated over 20 years of expertise in corporate strategies and governance, product planning and management, sales and marketing, business development and customer relation management. He held very senior regional positions in multinational corporations including Philips of Holland, NEC Corporation of Japan, DSC Communications Corporation (now Alcatel USA) of USA. He opened up new markets and developed new business in countries including ASEAN, South Korea, Japan, Greater China and Australia in the Asia Pacific.

He also conducted a wide range of internal consulting projects, including corporate strategies and organizational development, change management and process improvement, IT systems design and implementation, joint-venture investment and technological transfer projects in China, joint-product and service development projects in Japan, Korea and China. He had stationed as expatriate in Europe, Japan and USA and is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural business executive. He is fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and is intimately familiar with the ethnical and historical heritage of Asia.

Over the years, he has a keen interest in academic research, and his interests are in the areas of corporate governance, international business negotiations, cross-cultural management, and organizational behavior and development. His recent book “Corporate Governance in East Asia – The Road Ahead” in English will be published in 2006, and the Chinese translation is also in planning stage.

He holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the National University of Singapore and a Bachelor of Engineering degree with honors from the University of New South Wales, Australia. He was awarded the prestigious Colombo Plan Scholarship of the British Commonwealth.

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