Tay Yiang Ping
B. Arch (S’pore)

Make A Difference – MAD
Email: yptay@newtonwebs.com
Tay Yiang Ping was a practising Architect for 5 years, and turned an IT Businesswoman, as CEO of an IT company for 15 years, providing computer aided design and drafting software and hardware solution and training services. With her company’s motto “Overwhelmingly Delight Our Users”, the company received many excellence awards from it’s principal company in USA. She sold the company to a Canadian Public Listed Company in 2001, became the Managing Director till 2003 before retired as a full time housewife, she and her supportive husband have 3 lovely young daughters.

Yiang Ping joined Toastmaster in 1999, has served as Club Tresurer, SAA, Secretary, VPPR. VPE, VPM, President, Assistant Area Governor, District Webmaster, Area Governor, Division Governor, Division Advisor, Club Sponsor, Club Mentor, District Marketing Committee, District Secretary and as Chief Judge & Judge for many speech contests at different levels. She was the Organising Chair for Division D 10th Anniversay Celebration at YMCA in Oct 2005 and District 80 Annual Convention at Suntec City in May 2008.

She has received many outstanding awards, such as Area D1, Area D5 and Division Toastmaster of the Year, Outstanding Service Award as Area Governor 2003-2004, Division Governor of the Year 2005-2006 and District Governor’s Citation 2008-2009 & 2009-2010.

She is the Club Sponsor for Nee Soon South Toastmasters Club & Cairnhill Mandarin Toastmasters Club. Club Mentor for Toa Payoh Central CC Advanced Toastmasters Club.

She won the International Speech Contest at Toa Payoh Central CC Toastmasters Club as Champion in 2006, currently Member of Toa Payoh Central CC Advanced TMC and Treasurer of Cairnhill Mandarin TMC.

In 2007, She was engaged as a Part-Time IT Trainer for Government Department Portal Users, it was a 7 days, 18 sessions training for 1500 users, including its office in Johor, Malaysia.

Presented Topics:
The Mistakes Leaders Make
7 Habits of Successful Leaders

映屏曾是一个专业建筑师,1989年成立一间电脑辅助设计和绘图软件,硬件和培训公司,得过不少美国科技公司Autodesk Inc.卓越销售服务成就奖。15年后把公司卖给加拿大的一间上市公司,从此退出商场,45岁退休,当上全职家庭主妇,她和丈夫有 3 个可爱的女儿。

1999年加入国际讲演会、 曾当任所有的执委,礼宾司,财政,秘书,公关副会长,会员副会长,文教副会长,会长,分区总监, D区总监,还有上一届的80区域秘书,也是80区域2008年在新达城举行的常年大会总筹委。

她获得许多杰出奖,如分区 D区总监,分区总监2003年-2004 年杰出服务奖、 2005年-2006年年度的最佳总监,80区域2008年-2009年 及2009年-2010 年杰出服务奖。


她曾赢得了大巴窑中心英语讲演会2006 年国际讲演比赛冠军、今年A3分区 幽默英语讲演比赛亚军。

2007 年,她被邀请当了7 天政府部门包括在马来西亚柔佛办事处网络培训讲师,培训 1500职员。


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