MSc(NUS) BSc(EEE)(Hons) (UK) CDipAF(ACCA) DipMMgt(SIM)

Founding Member of the Association of Singapore Professional Speakers



He is a full-time Vice President(Operation) in a local SME. Sometimes, he accepts invitations to conduct training seminars or provide talks on Workplace Leadership, Communication and Teambuilding. His deep understanding on leadership, communication and teambuilding is as a result of his many years of varied work experience, starting from a young technician working his way up to be a professional project manager in the engineering environment.

As a project manager, he needs to constantly build good rapport with others within his organization, as well as, with external parties so that he can be well informed about the progress and pitfalls of the multi-million-dollar projects which he manages. He persuades others to accept his proposals in overcoming work problems and he also motivates people to work beyond the call of duty. He is also called to make tough decisions in his daily work.

His strength in his training seminars and talks is his ability to draw from his past experiences and provide crystal-clear insights as to how an individual can collaborate more with others by merely being a team player or leader. His sharing of simple and yet effective street-smart strategies in leadership, communication and teambuilding, which one can easily adopt in his/her difficult situations, is one of the valuable insights which one can gain from attending his seminars or workshops. As an individual, he is a strong advocate of values such as integrity, dedication to excellence and respect for others, and these are the cornerstones of his strategies in leadership, communication and teambuilding.


Workplace Leadership

The Art of Effective Communications


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